Sunday, February 28, 2010

What to say...

... I think the photos says it all. We're just being our usual, silly selves this week. Don't worry I don't let her go out in public in that. On another note, I started another blog, because I keep up with the other two I have so well (Emily, one day I will scrapbook again, and when that day comes I will edit my scrapblog again), this one however is meant to be more of a journal and list of favorites to reference for our homeschooling adventures. If you want to view it it's . There is also a link on the side too.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where Have We Been?

We fell off a cliff... okay, no we didn't really, we have just been really busy. Tim keeps pretty busy with the criminals of Sevier County, and I have been busy with homeschool stuff for Gabby. Yes, to all our friends who we have not gotten around to mentioning it to yet, we are in fact homeschooling.We know that some of you will not approve (don't worry not all of our family approves either), but we know you all understand that when the Lord directs your path a certain way, you just follow faithfully. We are very excited to start this new journey and have been trying to gain all the information we can. Luckily our current ward is refered to often as the homeschooling ward (about 1/3 of all the kids are homeschooled), so we have lots of helpful parents around to glean knowledge from.