Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning Gabby woke to find that Santa had eaten his cookies and the reindeer enjoyed their carrot (although I'm not sure why Santa got several cookies, but all the reindeer had to share one carrot). And she must have made it on the nice list this year, because Santa did not disappoint. He brought her play dough (curse him), a doll with pj's that matched hers & lots of other accessories, and a stocking full of Tinkerbell stuff. Tim was more excited about candy and his ties than the Star Wars Clone Wars movies I got him. And I was just excited to finally read the books I bought my self a month ago.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Nathan & Emilie invited everyone over for Christmas Eve this year. We had a big dinner, then the kids decorated cookies and opened presents from the grandparents. We ended the evening by reading the Christmas story and singing some Christmas carols.

When we got home, we let Gabby open her gifts from her other grandparents. She was really excited about the Barbie & the Tinkerbell book from Grandma & Grandpa Gudmundson. And I didn't think she'd ever go to sleep after she saw the craft stuff from Grandma & Grandpa Mitchell (what can I say, we girls love crafts). Tim & I also opened our gifts from Web & Yvonne. Tim was thrilled about his new Spanish scriptures and I can't wait to use my gift card to Pebbles (thanks Yvonne). Of course Gabby made sure to put out some snacks for Santa and hang her socks (literally) before going to bed.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Waiting for Santa...

Gabby is a little confused about when Santa is coming. She told me "When it snows, that means it's Christmas. Or if you see the midnight marauder, but don't shot him down because he's really Santa." (If you want to know all about the midnight marauder, you will have to go watch Merry Madagascar.) I think poor Gabby is going to be in for a real shock when she realizes that it rarely snows here at Christmas.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sickness & Snow...

Gabby has been running a fever since Monday. On Wednesday we had to rush Gabby to the Children's Hospital because she had a fever of 105.3 that would not respond to any over the counter medicine. They ran lots of tests and tried a couple other medications. Turns out she had a UTI and so she was sent home with a nasty tasting prescription. By Friday she was doing just fine.
Which is good because we got snow Saturday morning. Tim & Gabby went out and played in it. I stayed in the warm house like any sane person would do. But it melted by mid-afternoon, horray for me!