Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Fun New Diet...

Okay, it's really not fun, but it is new. Gabby was put on a sodium free diet. Basically, if it isn't naturally found in the food, like some veggies, she can't have it. Everything has to be bought specially for her or be home-made with out sodium. Did you know there are almost twenty different forms of sodium found in food other than just salt, like baking powder & baking soda. We read lots of food labels now, and most the time we decide it's much cheaper just to make it from scratch. I'm too lazy to grind my own peanut butter, so I fork out the money for it, but almost everything else she eats I have found a way to make with out any forms of sodium in them. I have even started making my own breads, thanks to a generous donation of a breadmaker from the Strickland family in our ward. My sister-in-law teased me by saying it was the Lord's way of telling me I have to cook, whether I want to or not. She's probably right, but it doesn't make me like cooking any more.

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